Inclusive AI is a certified training program, 6 online sessions over 4 months.

The program is towards an equal, safe, and secure AI industry. At the end of the program, all participants who complete the assignments successfully will receive the AICenter's certificate: Compliance with Gender Equality and Diversity (CGED). The certification is digitally verifiable and globally recognizable and the certification link can be added to the graduates’ LinkedIn profiles.

You experience training combining lectures and interactive exercises in a fun and interesting way. Throughout the program, participants will work with their own chosen case connected to their specific organizational challenges. The analysis, strategy, and applicable plan for implementation serve as the certification assignment.


  • Have an applicable action plan based on strategic plans towards inclusive leadership.

  • Enhance inclusive communication to empower people, teams, and organizational culture.

  • Understand legal aspects as well as relational aspects of diversity.

  • Bring diversity to product development processes in a homogenous industry.


DAY 1: Gender Equality, Diversity, and Power

DAY 2: Leadership, Strategy and Change Management

DAY 3: Team development and organizational culture

DAY 4: Inclusive communication and issues of LBTQI+

DAY 5: Bringing diversity to a homogeneous industry

DAY 6: Practical implementation and Certification

Inclusive AI program is covered by Swedish AI Fund.

You can apply to receive fund to purchase this training. 

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